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Certificate Program Admission

Students who wish to earn a certificate in Ranch Management will attend classes for one academic year (nine months).  This 9-month program addresses the rapidly changing conditions in the global market and provides students with in-the-field training and academic courses needed for success.  This program has been available to students since 1955 and continues to serve the industry with the latest technology available.  The curriculum offers ecologically and economically responsible business training to students interested in the agriculture business.

The certificate program in Ranch Management is not a part of other academic programs at TCU.  Students in the program are required to enroll in a prescribed curriculum and no other courses may be taken while enrolled in the program.  Upon completion of the course of study, a graduate receives 35 credit hours, transferable to most colleges and universities, and a Certificate of Completion in Ranch Management.  Application for this program is made directly to the Ranch Management Program.

In addition to demonstrating a basic knowledge of the agriculture industry, applicants must submit:

  1. Certificate Program Application
  2. Handwritten Applicant Autobiography
  3. $50 Non-refundable Application Fee
  4. High School Transcript and/or College Transcript
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation

Students must also conduct a personal interview.

The application, autobiography, and application fee must be submitted directly to the Ranch Management Program at:

Ranch Management Program

Texas Christian University

TCU Box 297420

Fort Worth, TX 76129

Bachelor of Science in Ranch Management

Students who wish to earn a Bachelors of Science in Ranch Management must complete all undergraduate core requirements of TCU prior to making a formal application to the Ranch Management program.  Qualified students will be given conditional acceptance into the program.  They must then successfully complete the requirements for a General Business minor for non-business majors and any other requirements identified in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Students may apply through the Office of Admissions and will be required to complete the University Core Requirements prior to making a formal application to the Ranch Management Program.

Learn more about Undergraduate requirements and major declaration.